Posted by: funkydeez | February 2, 2009; 3:54 am

Going to Practise …

This is where it gets a bit tricky …

Our car chat was quite interesting (!!!) We talked about my low self esteem; how I’d concentrated on all my pain, despair and gut wrenching angst. We talked about how I had made so many shifts of perception both with the past, present and hope for the future.

We investigated my feeling of weakness and desire for strength and filling the now ’empty’ spaces with ‘good stuff’.

We looked at some affirmation wording to bring me strength and noticed how easily negatives still crept in.

This all sound deeply psychological and spiritual, and it is!

Our conversations have now evolved into getting ourselves and particularly myself into acceptance mode. We both want to move on in a most positive manner and the idea of a magnificent outcome in the long run.

All I need now is for her to choose me a new wardrobe and go find me a woman, and then we’re off!!!! Ok, Ok It’s a joke for goodness sake, isn’t it about time we had one of them?

I told her that I all of a sudden felt a kind of love for her in a way I’d never felt before, graceful, gentle, warm, thankful and not needy like I suppose it had been for so very, very long.

The car started to role back … She said, in jest, “That’s the Universe telling you something, you’re going backwards!” I jumped and said, “No it isn’t. It’s a real improvement in my perceptions.”

Ahem … the Universe doesn’t lie, matey!

Next day we talked about the incident and I apologised for being inappropriate with her because dumping my inner thoughts of a newly kindled love was probably bordering on the abusive and pressurising at this moment in time.


I went down to the pub, without her again and during an evening of pure inner effervescence I was even complimented on just being me which is the first time I can remember happening … ever!

Hey … I CAN be popular!


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