Posted by: funkydeez | February 7, 2009; 6:00 pm

Nodding Dog…

Just like in one of those cheesy back windows.

I have not yet given myself a robust plan for meditation, it is all very haphazard. Last thing at night has never really worked for me and first thing in the morning has an end time pressure and carryover of tiredness.

It’s OK saying in an ideal world that is the best time of day to do it but I haven’t regularised my life well enough yet to be sure when sleep may be invited in.

Anyway, I was like a nodding dog today, my head kept falling forward and a choke reflex kept waking me up.

I meditated upon deep breathing giving me life; what things bring joy to my spirit; and the similarities between people rather than their differences.

This meditation will continue into the evening as I do a bit of socialising.

Tonight, I will restrict my alcohol intake to 2 pints maximum. Beer not wine!

Oh yes, that reminds me, I really MUST get back into my sense of humour. My problem with it particularly recently is that it is SO self deprecating and that is just bringing me down. Last night she picked my up for the name I gave myself on the pool table list: ‘BLOB’. She said, “That’s not really the sort of ‘abundance’ I think you were talking about.”

Great stuff: so quick, so incisive, so true.


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