Posted by: funkydeez | February 14, 2009; 8:46 am

I was a News Junky… or was I?

News, views and opinions …

The telly was hardly ever off, and always on during the night.

Constant noise to block out the noise and chatter in my head?

This is the rub:

The News concerns itself with some far flung corner of the planet and how people were treating each other in a despicable manner, for that is 99% of news content.

I knew more about that than what was going on in my own front room.

I couldn’t do anything about the Middle East but maybe I could have done something to influence my own front room.

Look what I’ve allowed to happen in my life.

Now ________(self) this is where it gets REALLY tough, just notice, don’t pick it up JUST NOTICE.

I said the exact same thing and came to the exact same realisation some 18 YEARS AGO and after a while I let it slip into the mire have been living and dumping upon my wife ever since, causing her to want to separate.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  do not allow that to happen again. If there is anybody out there, please help me wake up, it’s going to be tough and I will fall asleep – it’s bound to happen, it’s part of the process.

I owe it to the people who want to love me but find me such hard work; I owe it to those that have little choice whether they’re with me or now; I owe it to the Divine Universe for presenting me with this opportunity to Play With Life, but most of all,  but I owe it to myself for having the breadth of imagination and understanding to realise such a thing in the first place not to let it drop again.

Yes, I want to LET MYSELF GO – I am no longer willing to let myself down.


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