Posted by: funkydeez | February 14, 2009; 8:20 am

Just a coincidence … ?

Friday, 13th February 2009

I’m breaking the rule about naming names for a moment…

Today BILL EDGAR was interred. He was the gentle man I referred to in an earlier post just a week last Thursday.

He was a true example to me of a serving spirit. He did it with vivacity, pleasure, BLING, and such an unobtrusive kind generosity that you almost didn’t notice what was happening.

He cared many years for his poorly wife and in the following years brought happiness in so many ways with love and deep friendship to my Mother-In-Law, and she to him also. He died very happy and was only desperately ill himself for a short time, making the least amount of fuss and pain for the many people that he cared for and that cared for him.

I was not there at his funeral but I wanted to be there for my daughter, MIL and wife who were. I had to be away sorting out pressing business issues which could not be delayed any further.

I was, however, with him and them throughout the day and did not feel alone.

The daylight part of the day was over … I came home … she was asleep after an early start and a long days driving … she could not talk or share her experiences during the day … I went to the pub.

Don’t get me wrong here, I was not downhearted that she couldn’t talk, I was actually pleased that she could after such a traumatic week holding her mum’s hand at the same time as still holding mine and coping with my crazy up and down antics, that she could actually feel it was OK to get some rest and not feel ‘On Duty’ as it were.

I arrived at the pub, did the ashtrays outside, as usual, chatted a bit and went in to choose a pint from the magnificent selection on offer, this usually takes a couple of minutes of comparing and occasionally having a taste or two – great fun.

Anyway, how can this just be a coincidence?

Before me … right in front of me was my choice without any more consideration: EDGAR’S BEST OF ENGLISH.

A half duly poured and down in one!

Cheers Bill, you have been a most fine man, may we all live long to remember you and your beautiful spirit.

You have given many things but your finest and most long lasting for me is your own example, and it didn’t even look like you were trying.

Thank you.


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