Posted by: funkydeez | February 14, 2009; 9:03 am

Lessons and Purpose…

I keep on repeating the same mistakes – THIS IS THE BIG LESSON

This is normal practice for humans, we repeat them from generation to generation, from lifetime to lifetime until we get the lesson.

The lesson is to stop this unconsciousness running my life and perpetuating problems and to use my imaginative power for others to follow, which will free them as well.

That is why I’m here: to consciously direct my Divine energy rather than let it continue to run on auto pilot, perpetuating the same mistakes.


  • Allow myself to BECOME AWARE of it
  • DON’T RUN AWAY from it
  • MOVE ON and embrace the next lesson

I cannot think of one situation that I have experienced in my life where this does not apply.

I get what I need and not what I want, and as my friend said to me, “Maybe you needed this in order to get yourself sorted out.” I am inclined to agree to a point but it is still my choice how I have responded.

OK, ‘Kicking and Screaming’, she says, ‘Being hard work’, she says all this just goes to show the embeddedness of the lessons I am learning: the ferocity and frequency of my current spate of realisations; their intensity and my tenacity in realising them.

This IS ME BEING ME, I am a flame burning brightly, I do have a wonderful serving light and though it has caused such deep pain to me and those around me that I have been lost in a darkness for so many years after first catching a glimpse of my potential (see ‘un’comfortably numb) I can now build upon even those disruptive years.

The challenge is to let my attachment to the guilt and despair I feel about them go

  • Forgive what I believed was unforgivable
  • Accept what I believed was unacceptable
  • Move on from the place I believed I was stuck forever
  • Allow myself to recognise and be the ‘Me’ I believed was impossible to know

No problem … Easy … bring it on!


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