Posted by: funkydeez | February 17, 2009; 5:23 am

Doing Things Differently…(1)

Just a list of some differently done things today…

These are not so ground breaking, but they are nevertheless breaking the pattern and as I am, what I have come to realise, a ‘Creature of Habit’, these are big steps forward:

  1. Asked for help from people I don’t know that well
  2. Asked for higher payment than agreed because I thought I was worth it!
  3. Went shopping for new clothes
  4. Changed colour palette of clothes I bought, even included light and patterned colours
  5. Allowed one of the boys to set-up part of my work computer
  6. Drove out of my mums driveway totally differently
  7. Drove home on a ‘more troublesome’ route
  8. Didn’t succumb to my tiredness and feeble unconscious excuses

And do you know? I enjoyed doing it differently. IT WAS FUN!

I actually enjoyed not knowing which route to take. I broke away from what I thought was best and just basically followed where my steering wheel led me.

I laughed out loud at my feelings of discomfort 😀


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