Posted by: funkydeez | May 4, 2009; 12:31 pm

Positively Negative …

… “Don’t forget to use your psychic protection!”


Steady on, now, what’s all this about?

And after doing a bit of reading and asking I realised this is a technique she had been using with me frequently very recently during our chats and when she reads my blog and when she has been with in particular my dad. She mentioned it when I asked her how she managed to cope with all the stuff being thrown at her and still remain so calm outwardly, and indeed inwardly.

It was suggested to me before I joined in with a group meditation and healing session. There of course would be others, similar to me with ‘stuff’ going on, emanating in a seriously uncontrollable way. Leaking stuff, quite unwittingly and unintentionally everywhere which could be potentially picked up and taken on.

I was aware of this possibility myself during a previous healing when I apologised (I just can’t stop myself yet) and she said she had a barrier where the healing energies get through but the stuff coming out doesn’t. I looked into her eyes and face and saw that  was true. I said “No way would I wish any of this on any other, especially not you after … ” She said, “It doesn’t happen that way, don’t concern yourself with it, let it go.”

I suppose, if she knew me better she would have told me to ‘be gentle’ but she didn’t need to because I already had that whispering in my head over and over.

(Revisiting this now as I write brings the moment back again and I am being a bit restricted in what I can do right now and have stopped thinking with any focus or clarity. I’ll have to come back later to finish in order to honor the instruction to be gentle with myself. These entries to this blog are becoming less frequent but oh so more profound and visiting this ‘operating theatre’ frequently is a real struggle … got to go.) [4th May, 12:29]

to be continued…



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