Picture: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland; taken during a rare holiday moment


Born in the year of the Cuban missile crisis – Greek father, English mother – Only child – Marriage breaking down after 16 years and 24 of being with each other issuing four children who are all mind bogglingly brilliant – they are my teachers as if my wife

What more can be said except it does exactly as it says on the tin:

  • Wrong side of 45
  • Culturally confused
  • Only had self to consider
  • Coming to terms with life changes after many years of stability
  • Surrounded by geniuses who are all wiser than me

I do have a sense of humour but am struggling to tap into it at the moment.


Reason for blogging:

To log my progress on the path of personal growth which has been jolted into re-existence as a result of marriage breakdown and business failure.

As with most blogs the newest comes first and are a log of my progress, understandings (misunderstandings), learnings and state of mind over this current phase of my life.

Some early entries show quite a lot of despair and can be a disturbing and difficult read but most do have some wonderful insights contained along the way, even the early ones.

Though it may not seem like it, my writings are without blame and are essentially just observations. They are very honest and open, probably a bit too much so, and will in time, if you give them a read and keep up to date with my progress, help you understand how I have truly felt.

I am not trying to prove anybody right or wrong though I acknowledge many areas I think haven’t worked for me and my family and how I may have done them differently.

They show how truly sorry I am to my wife, our children and everyone else in my life, including myself for not being the person I really wanted to be and forgetting along the way. They show how I allowed myself to be distracted away from the very things that are most important to me and how I didn’t nurture or care for the person who I have looked upon as my most significant friend and soul-mate; the people we brought into the world together; and perhaps most significantly, my Self.

My intention has all along been to bring my family happiness not misery, and my writings are intended to put myself back on the path towards that goal and realise it.

Who knows? Reading them may even help somebody else come to terms with similar aspects in their own lives or maybe help them turn things around before they go beyond redemption. They may allow them to recognise some early warning signs and give them the opportunity to do something about it – the writings do not only contain problems, they also contain many answers.

If you find it too hard going, I’ll understand but I felt that you should at least have the opportunity.


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